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Boston-born. Southerner at heart. H’Burg-obsessed. Mother to 2 girls. Wife to a Brit.

I am a life-long fitness fanatic and have taught several forms of group fitness over the years but Barre has always been one of my favorites! I recently obtained my bootybarre instructor certification!


Justine (pronounced jUHs-tihn) moved to Harrisonburg in early 2014 after studying under many top instructors in Los Angeles to pursue a career in fitness. Justine specializes in Pilates, Barre, and TRX teaching both in groups and private training.  She is passionate and fun and awakens a similar feeling in each of her clients. Not only does Justine bring a unique and uplifting energy to every class she teaches, but she works tirelessly to deliver only the very best for each of her clients. Be prepared for some FUN in Justine’s classes!


Maria is a movement enthusiast who discovered Pilates, in order to help prevent muscle imbalances and injuries from other fitness pursuits. She started teaching in 2017. She loves working with a diverse range of clients in order to help them achieve functional mobility and strength, regardless of their current fitness level. She is BASI Pilates certified, but enjoys teaching TRX, Circuit, and Barre classes, as well. Teaching and moving her own body are enjoyable outlets from the stress that accompanies her full-time “day job”.


Caitlin is a Harrisonburg native and lover of all things Barre!

As a professional dancer and certified bootybarre Instructor, classes with Caitlin are a fun-loving combo of Barre basics and ballet techniques for every fitness and comfort level.

Expect to leave every class feeling joyful, powerful and definitely a little sweaty.

See you at the barre!


Emily Marsh has over 10 years of experience in teaching various movement modalities – from BASI Pilates to ballet to Barre and TRX. Working with clients in both private and group class settings, Emily is passionate about helping her clients feel stronger and more energized, whether they’re recovering from an injury, needing specialized care during or post-pregnancy, or simply desiring a good workout.


Jen fell in love with TRX suspension training as a client over five years ago. As a school teacher, she decided that her schedule provided a perfect opportunity to spend more time on the straps, and she became a TRX Qualified instructor in 2018. Ever since then, she has enjoyed coming up with creative ways to provide clients with dynamic TRX classes. She truly believes TRX is for every body out there, and would love the opportunity to show you!


Sarah is a massage therapist by trade, with a passion for healthy movement and helping people understand their bodies.  After dealing with chronic low back and hip pain for years, she found relief with Pilates, and decided to share this life-changing exercise with others.  Be sure to jump in one of her mat or Reformer classes, where you’ll find an emphasis on good alignment and making each exercise understandable and appropriately challenging for you!


Holly has been teaching group fitness for over 20 years and loves coming up with creative classes for all fitness levels. She currently teaches Reformer Pilates, mat Pilates, TRX, Barre, and fusions of these formats in addition to private training. She is also a registered dietitian nutritionist with a private practice specializing in integrative and functional nutrition care for all ages. Holly moved to Harrisonburg in 2016 with her husband and two sons.


After years of taking Pilates classes as a client, she wanted to take it to the next level and became an instructor. Kasey completed BASI training and has now been a barre and Pilates instructor for over a year. She is a high school chemistry teacher and loves that she can now incorporate her passion for teaching with helping others achieve their fitness goals.